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  1. Arthur Victor says:

    please send me a project with a report and proposal for a HOSTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. this should be in visual basic 6.0 and Microsoft access 2007.it should have all relevant forms reports and other objects to support it, querries of at least 4 types and finally a source code. i’ll be very greatful if delivered because this is my project i’ve to present at the end of this course am doing of a diploma in computer science.
    my supervisor wants it not later than 1st-april-2012.
    thank you for the love and care.

  2. lalit kumar says:


  3. dghj says:

    Bhenchod where are the projects?

  4. Preet bhinder says:

    Plz send me a link of collage management system bca final project in vb

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