CBSE Projects

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  1. Addoh says:

    Think you For This website That helps More than one ….

  2. Banta says:

    I need a biology project for class 12…….

  3. kunal says:

    how can i say ….. to you

  4. kunal says:

    can you please help in physics projects??????????????????????????????

  5. d singh says:

    please send me metallurgy project of chemistry for class xii.

  6. teena says:

    thanxx it help me alot but not so much

  7. shamayra raywansh says:


  8. Rameez Raja says:


  9. Tapasya Raj says:

    CBSE Class 12 Biology Project on AIDS

  10. ya…

  11. shreya says:

    cbse class 12th grade informatic pratices project on hotel reservation management project
    (based on mysql connectivity with netbeans softwares)

  12. dhananjay mishra says:


  13. shradha says:

    plz give me the format to prepare bioethanol from biomass

  14. Rahul kumar says:

    What is the use of projects if teacher did not encourage us to make it in a significant manner?

  15. Dhirendra says:

    Project on reflection

  16. aman malhotra says:

    CBSE Class 12 Accounts Project

  17. abhishek says:

    project on optical fibers.

  18. katty says:

    Hey! I want a chemistry project on presences of nickel in chocolates…..
    I couldn’t find it any where plz help…..

  19. prashant says:

    Envenvertenment projects

  20. Ishan says:

    Hello computer experts I am a student of class XII plz help me with your computer project for python on any topic please help

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